How We Can Support Each Other For the Benefit Of The Equestrian Sports


 For more information on how we can support each other somehow, sometime, somewhere, please email us

Of all the trainers in the equestrian world, FEA only wants to support the ones showing a genuine interest in their riders, horses and the sport in general. 

FEA relies a lot on trainers' feedback and recommendations. The relation goes both ways, as each side gives and receives. For example a trainer may provide needed support to an FEA beneficiary while FEA may sponsor riders, horses, clinics & events the trainer may benefit from.

The first opportunity for trainers to support FEA will be to take a few minutes and answer an initial short survey that will help the organization determine and focus on some of the real needs in the industry as it relates to trainers.

The first step to support FEA and/or work with us at any level is to Register.

With its unique approach, FEA is merging two very successful systems to benefit horseshow organizers and promoters, helping them to generate revenue from otherwise empty stalls and low participation (small classes). The end-results are impressive: stalls are filled with horses, classes are more competitive, trainers bring in more riders, media exposure increases, everyone wins.  In a nutshell, with its unique system and opportunity, the more you use FEA for this, the more revenue horseshows could be generating.

We invite horseshow organizers and promoters to contact us to discuss different options for mutual benefits: your bottom-line improves, and it helps us get closer to our goal of supporting riders and trainers.

In addition to the conventional ways for an organization to support service and product providers, FEA may also turn unused portions into benefits, often into actual cash for the provider. For example, a horse transportation company makes a trip from the East to the West Coast but the truck is not completely full. Instead of losing that space, FEA could be using it in exchange for tax credits or at a reduced rate (the difference being tax-deductible), making this a win-win situation. 

Another example is a company with excess inventory that could either donate for tax-credit or sell at a discount price to FEA's beneficiaries, with -again- a certain tax benefit.

This approach can be used with almost any product or service, making the possibilities endless, and each situation is carefully analyzed to ensure the best possible outcome for all involved. 
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Many things can be said about the importance of volunteers for an organization such as FEA.

FEA was actually created by volunteers and will continue to welcome individuals who genuinely care about our mission and what we stand for.

Please visit our Volunteering page, or Register now so we have you in our system and can start communicating with you.



The ways FEA can interact and support just about anyone related to the equestrian world is almost unlimited.

Finally, the process so many have been hoping for is now available. Through FEA's network and expertise, horse owners have options that eliminate many financial and timing issues.

If you are in one of the following situations, please contact us to discuss some options you might not even be aware of:

- You have a horse ill-suited to you or your child
- You have a horse with "issues"
- You have too many horses
- You can't afford to keep a certain horse anymore
- Your child has aged-out and you still have that expensive horse not used to its potential
- You need a different horse that will take you to your next level
- You have a horse who could be perfect for a young rider who cannot afford it
- You need your horse(s) ridden and/or trained for a while
- You would like to find the right rider-match for your beloved horse

Options include: donation or lease for tax-credit, straight lease, revenue-share, temporary assignment, and other options adapted to each invidual situation. 
Contact us for details or Register as a horse owner so we can follow up with you.

Considering working with FEA may be an excellent option for property owners, especially if you are in a situation like one of the following:
· Hardships, financial or other, are forcing you to let go of a property
· You have no financial need but would like to better prepare for your retirement
· You want to include your property in some kind of estate planning
· You want to ensure your children will keep benefitng from your property
· You would like to benefit from the increased value of your property but do not want to sell it
· You would like to sell but still live in your property as long as you want
· You just want to donate your property but want to ensure proper use
· You want to use your property as part of your legacy

Whatever the reason, FEA can oversee several options offered by licensed professionals that understand FEA's mission and follow its guidelines.
Contact us for details

If you would like to support FEA in a way that is not presented here, as a mentor or a charitable entity for example, please do not hesitate to contact us or Register as a Potential Supporter so we can follow-up with you. As long as your type of support is in line with our mission and guidelines, we will look into your request. Any illegal, immoral, racist, politically-driven or irrelevent offer or communication will be automatically ignored.

To find out more and discuss the details, please contact:

 - Service Providers: providers@EquestrianAthletes.org
 - Supporters: supporters@EquestrianAthletes.org
 - Volunteers: volunteers@EquestrianAthletes.org
 - Mentors: mentors@EquestrianAthletes.org
 - Sponsorships: sponsors@EquestrianAthletes.org
 - Donations: donations@EquestrianAthletes.org
 - Endowments: endowments@EquestrianAthletes.org
 - General info: ContactUs@EquestrianAthletes.org